Creating wines we are truly proud to put our name to

The Winery

Located just a stone’s throw from the mighty Murray River

on the outskirts of Red Cliffs, 22km south of Mildura in North-West Victoria.

If you lined up end to end all the rows of the vines on the property they would stretch 2000km or approximately Melbourne to Brisbane and half way back.

The Zilzie Winery

Intuitively built to allow for growth and expansion, the winery’s design and layout also allows for grape production to flow naturally through each step of the process, without the need for unnecessary deviations.

While the winery sports many of the latest gadgets, we still believe that it’s the human element that produces the truly memorable wines. Our winemaking team has a hand in every stage of the process, from taste testing grapes from each vineyard to determine the perfect harvest time, to ensuring each parcel is treated separately to emphasise their individual characteristics, and then working their magic during final blending to bring these parcels together. Creating wines we are truly proud to put our name to.

The Region

The Murray River, spanning 3 states of Australia, is the heart and lungs of our region and how we survive in the harsh Australian sun.

The Murray Darling is the second largest wine region in Australia, covering the north-west corner of Victoria and creeping across the river into New South Wales, with 23,000 hectares under vine producing more than 400,000 tonnes of fruit each vintage.

Mildura, the major regional centre, has a strong food and wine culture with some great restaurants showcasing fresh produce from the market gardens.

The Mildura region also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy river, nature and outback experiences, as well as the regions unspoilt character, it’s indigenous links and quality lifestyle.

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When I was growing up it was all about sheep and wheat. Now it's grapes, and vineyards cover the region as far as the eye can see. A lot's changed in 40 years.
Ian Forbes - Dad

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